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Bridging the gap between BigCo problems and SmallCo solutions

We bridge the gap between BigCos and SmallCos.

As a BigCo, staying ahead of the competition requires self-disruption. While many try, most fall short with their "intrepreneurial" efforts.

As a SmallCo, landing a deal with a BigCo is often the “Holy Grail”, and the quest to obtain it just as challenging. SmallCos are creating disruptive solutions at a dizzying rate, which have the ability to be transformational for BigCos.

Accelerated self-disruption requires pulling in game-changing innovations, many of which are being created by companies that wouldn't normally be considered "Enterprise Grade".

But SmallCo solutions are rarely (if ever) “plug-and-play” for BigCo implementation and very few are ready and able to scale into the enterprise right out-of-the-box.

That's where we come in.


We use our years of enterprise experience in application transformation, and applying technology at enterprise scale to enable and accelerate innovative solutions to big problems.

We wrap our arms around BigCo challenges and through our rapid Solution Sprint methodology identify the best solutions.  We bring them together as a unified solution, and drive the transformation process of solution integration.


    We help SmallCos take their solutions to the next level:

    • Bringing experienced enterprise grade resources to drive scale
    • Applying our experience of best practices - BigCo Engagement
    • Scale testing their technologies to ensure they are ready to drive disruptive returns for the global enterprise.  

    Areas of Scale


    Technology Enabled Business Models

    Drive self disruption to ensure you stay ahead of the market.  Transform your customers delivery experience.


    Business Process Automation

    Automate repetitive business processes with Robotic Process Automation to drive quality and reduce cost.


    Application Technology Modernization

    Retire Technical debt from the Enterprise & Embrace Cloud based services and infrastructure


    Product Scalability

    Architecting and building products for BigCo scale… Testing to ensure they are.



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    For your free 30m advisory session, please include your industry along with any specific pain points and innovation requests.