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The BigCoSmallCo Micro-Advisory Network is an exclusive channel where founders and other technical leaders have direct #Slack access to global advisors with BigCo experience and other seasoned entrepreneurs. In addition to advisor access, we continue to expand the value of the channel through insightful audio/video interviews with successful founders, live "Ask Me Anything" online sessions, open virtual office hours, and templates/tools to help you sell into the BigCo enterprise and grow your business!

What will ultimately become an annual subscription of +$250 US, we are currently offering to founding members at $7.98 per month with the ability to cancel anytime.  As long as you remain as an active member your rate will never go up from the initial subscription. 

The connections established on the MicroAdvisory Network, and the advice received brought immediate value to our team.
— Carl Swartz, CEO - High Road Learning

Just a few already in the network include:

  • A startup founder that was acquired by CISCO in 4Q'17.
  • A former CIO/CTO at General Electric
  • Startup co-founder whose current valuation is +$20 million and has just completed a $6 million syndicated Series-A funding round.
  • Seasoned BigCo professionals with backgrounds in brand development, new market expansion, enterprise public cloud, and others.

We hope you will come along with us on this journey with a desire to grow your own startup, learn from other technologists, and bring a willingness to become a trusted advisor to others!

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