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Clouducopia - Why we should be Thankful!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Family, friends, turkey, pumpkin pie, football all day… a Clouducopia?

Okay, we’ll admit that last one is a bit of a stretch, but for those of us in the IT world, not that big of a stretch.  The cloud has opened up many new opportunities and benefits for which we are grateful.

Whether it is driving resiliency, or the speed of innovation, the Public Cloud is making a significant impact on those who are adopting it!  Consider these stats from technology research firm Vanson Bourne, The Business Impact of the Cloudthere are double-digit reasons to be thankful for the cloud:

  • 21% Improvement in time to market

  • 20% increase in company growth

  • 19% increase in process efficiency

As I think about all of the reasons our customers state regarding the "why” they started their cloud journey, and the “why” they continue to invest in it, many indicate a major shift during the journey… Originally, like most, due to media hype, it started as a cost-out initiative - “Move to the Cloud and save, save, save!" As many of us have realized, if you are truly tracking your costs in relation to TCO of your individual data centers, there is a cost savings, but in the grand scheme of things, not enough to justify the journey in and of itself. What is worth the journey though are two key things that your organization can't afford to miss:

  • Speed of Innovation - Miss this boat, and kiss your job goodbye

  • Resiliency – If you design for it, the cloud can't be beat!

Speed of Innovation

OK… Let's be frank. Take some time and trace the time it takes from one of your functional teams asking for a new application, to the time your IT team decides that it is a worthy endeavor, to the time it take to get the infrastructure team to both procure, receive, rack, customize, and make available the hardware needed for the next BIG effort that is going completely change how your company does business. When is that server ready for production? 3 Months? 6 Months??? How about a few lines of code and the team is up and programming in the cloud… How better to drive IT innovation than the ability spin up/down resources as needed. Pay for only what you need, when you need it!


Many times in past roles, I had "traditional” IT leaders ask me to provide a patching service for cloud based VMs. I’m always glad to discuss personally, but my flat answer was, and continues to be… NO. Making the shift from pets to cattle is not an easy one, but we need to push our teams to embrace. A great example of this is Google's MIG updater BETA offering.

To truly be thankful, we need to design for both innovation and resiliency in our Application 2 Cloud programs. To find out how BigCo. SmallCo. can help you be extra thankful for the cloud this holiday season, contact us today for your free 30-minute session by visiting our contact page.


Thomas Martin, Founder of BigCo. SmallCo., is a former CIO and technology leader of the General Electric Company.  Prior to leaving GE,  Thomas was the Executive Vice President of Application Transformation tasked with moving 9000 legacy workloads to public and private cloud infrastructure.  He has been a leading evaluator, adopter, and advocate of innovative tools and emerging technology that drive effective operation of cloud infrastructure at scale.

Thomas Martin