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Cloudophobia - Don't Let the Cloud Scare You!

The public cloud has been floating around for quite some time now, anywhere from 10-12 plus years depending on which of the various origin stories you might follow.  So why, after all this time, a decade or more, is there still this reluctance on the part of many businesses to embrace the cloud as a resource in their IT transformation efforts?

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Jumpstarting Enterprise Hybrid-Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

Enterprise customers with VMware installations in their datacenters can now quickly shift workloads into AWS using VMware Cloud. Almost a year after the initial announcement, this long-anticipated offering is now a reality and ready for mainstream consumption.

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Your Amazon EBS Snapshots and RDS Data may be leaking sensitive data to the public… Fix it permanently!

A recently published article outlined the careless behaviors of users that is allowing sensitive company data contained in EBS snapshots and RDS services to be leaked into public domain.  Find out how to fix these issues permanently!

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